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Our Process

The actual process of all Manufacturing performed at
L&B is well thought out, organized, and formal operation that includes planning, research, focus, and total commitment. The key elements of our process include:

Evaluating and Quoting the customer’s exact requirements are our first priority. Generally this is done within 24 hours of drawings or specifications having reached our facility.

Communication with our customer is the next step. Our findings are conveyed, cost of services to be performed is discussed as well as projection of work completion for a given project.

Careful Instructions are communicated to all employees involved in a given customer’s work. Tools and material are pulled from inventory and work to be performed is routed to the proper departments.

All Work Performed is documented to ensure Quality, with all steps being performed in the proper order. All parts and materials used either meet or exceed the customer’s specifications.

Inspection and Testing is also well documented. All phases of work performed are tested to ensure that the best results are obtained. In this way, L&B, Inc. can assure that all parts or assemblies leaving our facility meet or exceed the customer’s requirements.